Dr. Jerry DalCanton

Braincore Neurofeedback Testimonial

"My son has benefited from receiving BrainCore Therapy in various ways.   He has always struggled with anxiety, eye contact, social situations, self stimulatory activity and various other behaviors.  
The first change I saw was eye contact.  He actually looks my husband and I in the eye now.  Something he normally never did in the past.  Since receiving brain core therapy I have noticed an overall more connected person emerging from my 11 year old.  My family members have also noticed.  He is “with us” now as opposed to “off in his own world”.  It was amazing to watch this transformation over the past three months.  
He recently started middle school and he was a little nervous as expected, but his anxiety levels were nothing like he had gone through in the past with starting a new school, teacher, bus etc.  He has been making friends more easily and is much more social than we’ve ever seen him.
Overall, I am very pleased with my son’s progress and highly recommend Brain Core Therapy.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.  Dr Jerry and his staff at Kids First Chiropractic are very accommodating and truly care about each patient.  They constantly monitor and work with you to ensure that the therapy is successful.  I couldn’t be happier with our experience at Kids First Chiropractic." - Rebecca

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At Kids First Chiropractic, our goal is to improve the health of you and your family. Kids should learn that they can heal because their own body is fully capable of healing itself naturally, not because of the doctor or a medicine. By implementing a lifestyle that includes essential elements such as chiropractic care, proper nutrition and exercise, we can raise a healthier next generation.

Dr. Jerry DalCanton

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